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Well, the last few years have been a rollercoaster. Having two kids, losing both grandparents within 2 months of each other, moving twice in 3 years, and being uncertain of what my future as a musician holds, and working in other fields for the first time in my adult life... God. It has been a damn rollercoaster. 

In 2012 I released Poison in the Wires. We didn't promote it as much as maybe we should have. Money was tight, and we had our first kid on the way. I toured with my buddies Luke Meade and James Bookert for that record in fall of 2012, went to the Hot Water Hills festival in Hot Springs, AR, my favorite little town of all little towns. We had one of the most memorable shows I can remember... I don't know that we even did particularly well. But it felt damn good. 

By January of 2013 music seemed so far away, though in February of that year friends and filmmakers Mark Vashro and Cody Fitch produced and directed music videos for Travelin Man and Smell the Rain. The next month, my daughter was born, almost a month early, the day after I had had a dream that my wife had had to have the baby without me... Aurelia surprised us, Ki went into labor March 22nd after a steak dinner I had made for her that night... Reli was here the next afternoon. She was beautiful. She still is. I'm blessed.

Two weeks later I signed up for EMT school with Remote Medical International. I took there class in June of 2013 and by July I became a National Registry of EMTs certified EMT-B with a wilderness-EMT certificate as well. I also went to Colorado Firecamp to earn my basic wildfire fighting certificates. Almost a year later I got a job as an EMT with Olympic Ambulance in Sequim, WA. That job was almost as fun as touring, except on tour, or in recording, it is acceptable to drink on the job... Not so much in EMS. 

In August of 2014 my son was a born just about the time I was released to work off of training status with Olympic Ambulance. Isaac is now pushing two years old and is stubborn, and cranky, and smiles big and laughs hard. He is fantastic. A few months later later grand mother passed away, and then a few months later while finishing a shift, after 36 hours on I received a call that my grandfather was not expected to make it through the next day. It was all a bit of a shock. He passed away in December 2014.

I stayed with Olympic Ambulance until May of 2015, and then took a job with Washington Dept of Natural Resources as a firefighter on an engine crew. We spent the summer primarily working as an initial attack engine in the Belfair, WA area, but we did get to deploy to the Chelan Complex fire, our crew was there when the firefighters died in Twisp just a half hour drive from us. That was a sobering shift brief, and an enlightening couple of weeks. We did plenty of grunt work, but we also got to do some burning out and worked in some cool country. 

I also have spent the last year working on becoming a helicopter pilot, at least with a private license, we'll see from there. Flew in Washington a fair amount, and have flown some now that we are in Idaho. It is a blast. A lot more fun than a lot of things... 

In September Ki, the kids and I moved from Washington to Boise and into the house that my grandparents lived in since the 70s. We are on an acre lot, with enough room for the dogs to run. The kids to run, and us to have a decent garden and plant some fruit trees. I did a lot of bird hunting this year, and plan to do even more next year.

At the beginning of this year I took a job as a Corrections Officer with Idaho Dept. of Corrections, and I am currently working there, while figuring out how to make another record, or something, and deciding what else I want to do with life... 

I have been doing a lot of non-music things the last few years, and it feels good, because I feel more well rounded as a result. But I miss performing. I miss recording. I miss being my own boss. But I am proud of the things I have been doing, and proud of the skills I have been learning and developing. 

Right now, the plan for music is to start doing some recording in the next month or so. But the dates are not firm yet, and the plan is even less firm cause I have not decided on the scope of the project. I am also just trying to do some little home made music videos once a week, just me doing a song on my guitar or mandolin at home. I'll have another up in a few days. 

If you would like to support me recording and moving forward, please feel free to buy my albums at bandcamp, for whatever price you would like. Every bit helps. And the support, hell knowing that people care is huge. 

That is all for now. thanks y'all.


-andrew anderson

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