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Andrew Anderson: Home


Fotpast 3 years 24 year old 
Boise, ID native Andrew Anderson has
traveled all over the country taking the 
stage everywhere from Honky Tonks to 
Music festivals with acts such as Lucero, 
Reckless Kelly, Elliott Brood, Johnny 
Flynn and Tumbledown.
Andrew's releases include As Long as
This Thing's Flyin' his full length album 
as well as an acoustic/solo EP The 
Sweatbox Sessions. Each CD is handmade 
and painstakingly screenprinted by 
Andrew making each one a unique piece of 
art. Andrew’s Post-Cowboy, Country/Punk 
music ranges from full band, pulsing blues-rock to the lightest 
country croon. Every song is made with wooden instruments and sounds as 
though it could have been written 50 years ago. That’s Andrew’s real 
charm, the feeling that he might have traveled from a simpler time when 
life really was just broken hearts and an old dusty trail.

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New Album on Bandcamp! - February 5, 2013

Hey y'all, the new album is up on bandcamp for purchase in case you have been looking for it on iTunes. So please go check it out there! you can find it at




New album and Tour dates! - August 21, 2012

Hey y'all!


I have added some new tour dates to our calendar and will be adding some more in the very near future. The band and I will be hitting the road on September 28th for our fall tour and the new album Poison in the Wires will be available when we hit the road. If you are interested in pre-orders shoot me an email and we'll get it set up! Also, I posted an image of the album art on the website, which I am really excited about. We will have some t-shirts and posters with the album artwork as well!


That is all for now, see you at the shows!


Back in the saddle again - June 9, 2012

There is an unfortunately small amount of bourbon in my glass. It is just after 01:00 and in about 2 hours I will have to leave my house, my wife, my dogs and my hot tub in the wee hours of the morning to catch a bus, that bus will take me to SEA-TAC airport where I will catch a flight at 07:00 (let’s use military time, it beats having to say AM and PM all the fucking time). That flight will take me to Houston and arrive at 13:20. I will then depart Houston at 13:45 (25 minutes total to get to my next flight... great!) on a flight that will take me to Atlanta, GA. When I arrive in Atlanta I have been instructed to find the MARTA subway station, buy a BREEZE pass for the GOLD LINE and take the train all the way to the last stop. DORAVILLE. (If it is Dora the explorer I may have to fucking end it all, then and there. Can you imagine how terrible that would be?)

I have spent the last two years going back and forth between people who said they would help me. I being a musician who would prefer to focus on music and living life accepted the “help” only to find myself treading water when I thought I was supposed to be heading in a direction (in fairness, I asked for the help I received). This has not gone well. Not only have I done very few shows, but I’m more out of practice than I have been in the last ten years or so. I tried going back to school and realized that the mountain of debt I have already is more than enough already. I also realized once again, as I always do, that all I really wanna do is write songs, and sing them for people.

Also in that time I did not work a job, other than homemaker. (I’m a great fucking cook btw). The other thing I have realized is that while I bitch about it, I really love to teach. So now, partially out of boredom, and partially out a need to contribute somehow musically to the world, I am travelling to Atlanta, and will be working and another rock and roll summer camp. Atlanta is just for training, and I’ll only be gone a few days. Regardless of that, I am reminded of how hard it is to leave sometimes. These nights where my wife falls asleep, but I feel like it is pointless because I’ll only be up again in a few hours to head to the airport. At times it has been because I am going on a tour, at others because I was going to a camp, or to make a record, it doesn’t get any easier no matter the reason, if anything it only gets harder.  

But if it is worth doing, it often is hard. Sometimes I guess I am not sure that it is worth doing, but I think that it probably is. I am arrogant enough to believe that I suppose. That I am a good teacher, or performer. But it is more than that. A challenge to the status quo that says it can’t be done (IT = performing, or trying to make a difference by teaching someone that they can write a song or some other bullshit). The status quo must be challenged (even if they have a point). Left, Right, UP, Down, whatever. It must be challenged because that is the only way to move forward, a challenge, a rebellion. So fuck it. I am going to release a new record that people may not buy and go on tour in a few months to promote it even if it fails. I am going to run a rock and roll camp and it might be awful and no one will learn anything. I will have to miss my wife to do these things, if we ever have kids, I’ll have to miss them too.  But I am going to do these things, in part to simply flip the bird at the people who say I ought to move forward and do something else. But more importantly so that when I come home, I can look my wife in the eye as the person I know I was meant to be, and if I ever have kids can do the same to them.

The bourbon in my glass is gone, and I guess it is nearing time to saddle up.

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